What are the benefits of Mindfulness?


Mindfulness enables us to:

‘Press pause’ in any situation and choose our reaction to it

Have a ‘go to’ place when feeling stressed, worried and anxious

Mindfulness improves:

Concentration and attention

Emotional awareness and regulation

Capacity for compassion and empathy

Mindfulness reduces:

Adverse reactions to challenging situations and teaches us to respond positively

Stress, anxiety and negative emotions

Mindfulness teaches us to:

Live in the present moment and not to let life pass by unnoticed

Be aware of the beauty and joy in our the world

Take notice of what is happening on the inside (thoughts, moods, physical feelings)

Question our thoughts – are they positive or negative?  Do they give joy or unhappiness?

Not be emotionally affected by the words, moods and attitudes of others

Understand that our thoughts do not define who we are

Learn to cope better with negative emotions, and deal with stressful situations calmly

Feel more in control – of everything